Our Beers

We have officially started brewing! Who else is as excited as we are?!


Icy Strait Brewing Beers

All our beers start with some of the best water on the planet. Straight from the Mountains streams of the Chichagof Island in the SE Alaska Rainforest. We use all Pacific Northwest malts and hops in all of our beers. Our beers are unfiltered but you won’t believe how clear and crisp all of our beers are.



Our IPA is a clean full flavor beer with a generous amount of Chinook Hops followed with Cascade hops mixed with a generous amount of Pacific Northwest 2 Row malt to give our IPA a well balanced hoppy flavor. A great beer for the traditional Hop Head beer drinker but smooth enough for the IPA beginner of the group.


Pale Ale

Our Pale Ale is a clean crisp full flavored beer that starts with some premium Northwest 2 Row malt then add some Cascade Hops then just for fun we add some more. This leads to a clean crisp full flavored beer we call our Pale Ale.



Our Hefeweizen is an unfiltered American wheat beer that is lightly hopped that goes great with the sunshine and a slice of lemon. We add Wheat and Premium 2 Row malts from the Pacific Northwest to come up worth our full flavored unfiltered Hefeweizen. Just add a nice slice of lemon and sit back on the porch and enjoy.


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